Why attribution?

Marketing today involves multiple touch points making it difficult for marketers to understand the actual contribution of each activity :

  • Paid (TV, SEM, display), Free (SEO, Direct Access, CRM) or Acquired touch points
  • Offline touch points (TV, radio, point of sale, call center) or Online (social, SEO, SEM, e-mailing)
  • Touch Points on Multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone or apps)

The purpose of attribution is to determine the impact of each marketing channel and its complex conversion paths, with three objectives in mind:

  • Optimize the marketing budget according to its real impact
  • Put an end to the silo vision of reviewing each marketing channel individually. This leads to the same conversion being counted multiple times using different reports (potentially over reporting and overpaying media providers).
  • Understand the interaction of various marketing channels

The two types of allocation models

Predefined templates

Predefined or "ad hoc" templates assign conversions based on predefined rules chosen by the advertiser's intuition, such as last click, or all contacts in the conversion.

Last click

First click





The main problem with these models is that they rely on subjective and unproven assumptions in the attribution of conversions.

Algorithmic models

Algorithmic models use statistical and / or machine learning techniques to evaluate the influence of each touch point in the conversion path by observing the performance of a large number of different paths.

These models operate without prior assumption and are based solely on the data that has been collected.

Wizaly’s algorithmic attribution model

The finest algorithm on the market decrypts the actual contribution of each media channel.

The algorithm compares groups of paths in order to decipher the impact of each criterion within the conversion.

Data driven

No presuppositions, based strictly on the analysis of the data collected


Attribution based on the conversion paths of each visitor


Adaptation over time to the specificities of the media mix, the evolution of competition and the market


Qualification of each point of contact on 6 dimensions including source, commitment and temporality

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