How can Wizaly’s attribution platform elevate your marketing?

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Discover the power of attribution and uncover the impact of each marketing channel on your conversions. 

Brands utilize a wide range of online and offline channels to engage with their audience. 

However, this multitude of channels and touchpoints adds complexity to brand marketing and media buying optimization →

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The Objectives of Attribution

Attribution analysis evaluates the impact of each marketing channel on customer conversions, with three main objectives:

  1. Efficiently allocate the marketing budget for each channel based on its actual impact in the conversion path.
  2. Eliminate the isolated perspective of marketing channels, preventing the duplication of attribution and ensuring you aren’t overspending on touchpoints that don’t convert.
  3. Gain insights into the interactions among different channels to develop a comprehensive understanding of your marketing mix.
    attribution parcours consommateurs

    Choosing the Right Attribution Model

    The first step is to pick the attribution model that best reflects the reality of consumer journeys.

    There are two primary types of attribution models: predefined and algorithmic.

    Attribution marketing models

    Either single or multi-touchpoint, have drawbacks. Single touchpoint models, like the “last click” model, credit the entire purchase to one interaction, simplifying but also missing the complexity of customer behavior.

    Multi-touchpoint models encompass the whole customer journey, yet their pre-set rules may not accommodate diverse purchasing behaviors or the evolving media mix.

    For a nuanced, data-driven approach, algorithmic models dynamically assign conversions, leveraging advanced algorithms and specific customer journey data.

    schéma modèles attribution marketing Single Touch Point ou Multi Touch Point

    Predefined models attribute conversions based on a pre-established framework that depends on the advertiser’s intuition and subjective assumptions..

    Algorithmic attribution

    Offers a customer-aligned, data-driven perspective, overcoming predefined models’ limitations. This approach analyzes each marketing channel’s impact on conversion, avoiding arbitrary assumptions. Wizaly’s attribution model uniquely ensures objectivity, relying solely on collected data for attribution analysis.

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    Experience the future of marketing analytics with Wizaly today.

    Don’t settle for guesswork when you can harness the power of advanced attribution. 

    Expect your attribution solution to:

     Use a data-driven algorithmic model for revealing true marketing impacts.
     Collect granular, exhaustive data for unmatched insights.
     Provide a user-centric view to analyze diverse customer paths.
     Extend beyond site-centric, including social networks and impressions.
     Incorporate third-party data for a unified customer view.

    Don’t settle for mediocre attribution solutions. Choose the right solution that will propel your business to new heights.

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    Elevate your media mix performance with Wizaly.

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