Manage your paid search activities with an eye on real ROI at all times

Edwin Dewez

Import Wizaly’s algorithmic attribution results directly in Google Ads and manage your paid search activities with an eye on real ROI at all times.

The aim of an attribution platform is to provide actionable insights and ultimately help you spend your ad dollars in the most efficient way possible. With this in mind, we have recently released a functionality to help advertisers manage their Google Ads campaigns: an export of algorithmic attribution results back in the Google Ads platform. The feature is also available for Search Ads 360, thus applicable to Bing if you run everything via this platform. 

How do we do it? 

Putting this in place is simple and requires a few steps that will only take minutes. The platform will start capturing Google click ids (gclickids) and use these to export the algorithmic revenue back to the search engines on an ongoing basis. 

Conversion export Wizaly to Google Ads

What is the problem?

Currently, Google Ads takes credit for everything they touch. 

Using the user journey below as an example, your Google Ads interface will credit the campaign that generated the SEM visit below with $500 of revenue. But does Google Ads really deserve $500 of credit? What about Facebook and Criteo, not to mention your SEO team… if they all claim the $500 generated by this conversion (and typically they do), you will count the same transaction multiple times.

User journey example

This is where algorithmic attribution comes in: using its algorithm, Wizaly will calculate the accurate value that Google Ads deserves based on its contribution across all of the other user paths we recorded. 


Why does it matter? 

This new feature in turn means that the “fair” contribution of Google Ads to your results will be present at all times in your Google Ads account for each campaign. Your SEM team or agency will therefore be managing campaigns using conversion indicators that make sense and take the impact of other channels into account. 


In an environment where multiple channels interact with each other and therefore make it hard to identify what works and what doesn’t, this is like taking a blindfold off your eyes while managing your SEM account... 


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