Whitepaper - Choosing the right Attribution platform

Fanny Bourdon-Bart

As consumers' buying patterns become increasingly complex, having an objective and exhaustive view of the performance of your media mix becomes a considerable asset for your brands.

This is why more and more advertisers are looking for attribution solutions that allow them to optimise their media investments and turn them into a real competitive advantage. 

To help you get started, discover the dedicated Wizaly whitepaper: Understanding Attribution's potential and choose the right platform

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Designed by Data Analysts, Engineers and Marketing experts, this whitepaper aims to answer all your questions:

  • What are the main principles and objectives of the Marketing attribution ?
  • Predefined or algorithmic models: what are the different types of attribution models on the market and what are their strengths and limitations? 
  • How to guarantee an optimal data collection that respects both legislative (RGPD) and technical constraints (Adblockers, ITP 2...)? 
  • Why and how to integrate external data in order to enhance the omni-channel nature of your consumers' purchasing paths and thus have a comprehensive view?
  • What are the key elements to select a solution tailored to your needs, which goes beyond the simple concept of reporting and is a real decision-making tool?