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Understand the impact of your brand investment on your business

Understand the impact of your brand investment on your sales
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A view of the performance of your online and offline channels

View the performance of your digital channels used for brand awareness.

An analysis of your TV performance

Analyze the performance of your TV campaigns. Identify the channels and TV spots that perform best, the optimal hour and day of the week that have the best audiences.

TV performance analysis

As a brand director, you are the person in charge of your company’s brand, its identity and communicating its values.

Your role is to understand the needs of each of your target audiences and translate them into solutions and targeted and relevant communication campaigns. You conceive and convey to each audience the right messages while promoting your company’s brand image. As part of driving your communication strategy, you determine the optimal media mix in connection with the appropriate marketing strategy and branding campaigns, such as for instance TV campaigns.

Wizaly helps you understand the audiences you impact and optimize how you target those audiences. We support you in the understanding of performances and the optimization of your media mix.


Wizaly’s algorithmic attribution has changed our media plan. Channels and Campaigns that we had thought were working, turned out not to be once we had a holistic view of our Visitors/Customers. »

Justin Danford | Director, Customer Experience and Marketing

Healthwarehouse.com – USA

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