Wizaly for Heads of CRM

Foster customer loyalty and increase client lifetime value

evaluer mpact

the impact of your CRM strategy

optimiser lifetime

the lifetime value
your clients

déteminer combinaison

the best combination of advertisement channels

analyses d'audience nouveaux anciens clients

Your audiences’ behavior

Generate analysis based on audiences: new versus returning clients, specific CRM segments.

Your clients’ true value

Optimize the lifetime value of your clients.

analyse life time value des clients

As the head of CRM or CRM manager, your primary responsibility lies in managing customer relationships. Your objective is to enhance customer satisfaction and cultivate loyalty.

To achieve these goals, you have implemented strategic tools aimed at improving customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases. Loyalty programs play a vital role in optimizing customer lifetime value (CLV).

In order to meet your objectives, it is crucial to identify the most effective channels for fostering client loyalty and evaluate their performance. Wizaly provides support by measuring the performance of each loyalty channel and offering optimization suggestions through comprehensive analysis of customer interactions across their entire purchase journey.

By integrating your client database with campaign performance, we can assess the impact of your CRM strategy on your target audiences.


We are able to look at how our marketing mix is performing through the Wizaly lense which is truly unclouded by any external factors gives us the confidence we need to make optimizations in good faith to drive our business forward. »

Keenan Davis | Senior Director of Marketing

SVSound – USA

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