Wizaly for Heads of Omnichannel

Boost ROI with targeted strategies that captivate your audience, driving higher customer engagement and increased conversion rates.

analyser interaction

the interaction between online and offline in your customer journeys

calculez roi
the total online and offline ROI of your marketing campaigns

the ROPO effects depending on products, campaigns, drivers and audiences.

principaux indicateurs de performances omnicanal

Your main KPIs

Display your key performance indicators in dashboards: web revenue, store revenue, total revenue.

Your customers’ path to purchasing

Analyze the web-to-web and web-to-store paths to purchasing.

parcours d’achat web-to-web et web-to-store
performances des campagnes média en fonction de la proximité points de vente

Analysis based on distance to a physical store

Measure the performance of your media campaigns based on the distance to a physical store.

As the head of omnichannel, your role is to craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that ensures your customers have a seamless experience, bridging the gap between online and offline channels. The goal is to break down silos and manage your business as a unified entity with the customer at the core.

At Wizaly, we support you in analyzing the omnichannel journeys of your customers. Our aim is to understand the interactions between online and offline channels and their impact on purchase decisions. Through detailed analyses, we uncover the Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) effects and vice versa, providing insights into your products, campaigns, channels, and target audiences. Additionally, we evaluate the synergies between your physical distribution networks and e-commerce site, enabling you to execute an optimal omnichannel strategy.


One of the reasons we chose Wizaly is the measure of omnichannel performance that allows us to understand the contribution of all channels we use. »

Romain Fayolle | Digital Marketing Performance Data Strategist


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