Wizaly for Marketing Directors

Optimize and implement high-performing plans for cost-effective marketing strategies and maximum ROI.


your conversions and ROI in all marketing efforts


your marketing priorities on all your online and offline channels


changes in your activity and readjust your marketing plan

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Easily access and manage performance data

Gain insights into your key performance indicators (KPIs) through our preconfigured or customized dashboards.

Analytical recommendations

Detailed analysis and recommendations help you optimize your media mix: drill into channels, sources and conversion paths.

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Make strategic marketing decisions with our data-driven attribution platform

Determine the best use of your marketing budgets on each of your channels

  1. Address specific business goals, such as increasing website visits, generating revenue, or improving conversion rates
  2. Flexible and adjustable insights based on the particular metric you want to optimize
  3. Make the most of your budget while still achieving the desired outcomes

As a marketing director, you possess the key to unlocking your company’s success. Your role is pivotal in connecting with potential clients and converting them into loyal customers.

Crafting a winning marketing strategy requires the power of attribution. It’s your opportunity to understand the entire customer journey and optimize your efforts accordingly. By leveraging marketing attribution, you can reach your KPI goals and outshine competitors in your market. All of this is done within a specific budget, ensuring maximum profitability.

Enter Wizaly, your ultimate ally in the world of customer journey attribution. Our advanced platform equips you with the tools to elevate your conversion rate and supercharge your marketing ROI. With comprehensive analyses of each touchpoint along the customer journey, you gain invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Unleash the power of attribution with Wizaly as your trusted companion. Discover the actionable insights that will revolutionize your decision-making process. Understand how each marketing channel contributes to your success, and optimize your campaigns with precision, all while staying within your budget.

You deserve the best tools to conquer your goals. Let Wizaly empower you to harness the true potential of marketing attribution and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.


In the first few weeks after setting everything up and dissecting the data with the team at Wizaly, we made key strategic decisions that have had a positive result in ROI. If a digital marketing team is serious about multi-channel attribution and how to utilize that data to improve your bottom line, I would highly recommend Wizaly. 

Rich Bernstein | Director of Digital Marketing

Ghostbed.com – USA

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