Uncover the Secrets of the Customer Journey!

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a customer journey analytics and attribution platform
designed to improve campaign ROI.

Wizaly is an algorithmic attribution solution to optimize your media mix using a 100% data-driven view of the performance of each of your marketing channels.

  1. The real contribution of your conversions from each marketing channel
  2. Improved ROI from the optimized allocation of your marketing investments
  3. All insights into your consumers’ conversion journey
  4. A centralized view of the performance of your marketing campaigns
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The platform

A modular solution


Online media module

Wizaly Online Media optimizes the ROI of your digital marketing using algorithmic attribution and provides a unified version of your marketing performance.


Offline Media Module

Wizaly Offline Media analyzes the interactions between online and offline media and drills into each channel’s performance, from branding to conversion.



Wizaly Omnichannel integrates purchases made in stores, branches or call centers to provide an integrated vision of the performance of your omnichannel marketing, using but not limited to ROPO analyses.



The Wizaly product module analyzes correlations between products, customer profiles and marketing channels to leverage the right products and boost your e-commerce strategy and your revenues.


Customer Data Module

Wizaly Customer Data integrates the data from your DMP, CDP or CRM to improve your understanding of the path to conversion of your customers and your customer insights.


Wizaly has given us visibility into performance across all of our digital marketing channels. The ability to view all the touchpoints in a consumer journey using algorithmic attribution modeling has allowed us to make valuable,strategic business decisions in how we market in each of our digital channels.

Marc Fields | Digital Marketing Analyst