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With Wizaly’s cutting-edge analytics platform, gain unparalleled insights that meticulously track every touchpoint along the customer journey.
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Streamline Your Data with Automatic Reports

Efficient anomaly monitoring begins with standardizing data, streamlining the process of identifying irregularities. By automating this procedure through scheduled reports, generated on platforms like Excel or Google Sheets, you can swiftly detect anomalies surpassing thresholds, typically set at less than 10%. Regular checks on a centralized dashboard, complemented by weekly comments in your customer data platform tool, ensure a comprehensive understanding of significant developments.

Keep Your Campaigns HIPAA Compliant

In insurance digital marketing, HIPAA compliance is paramount for safeguarding data. Key steps include understanding HIPAA regulations, educating the marketing team, implementing strict data controls, obtaining explicit patient consent, staying updated on HIPAA amendments, and collaborating with HIPAA-compliant agencies. By prioritizing patient privacy and data security, healthcare organizations uphold their reputation and avoid penalties associated with HIPAA violations.
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We have been a long-time client of Wizaly. Their data science team helps us analyze the data collected by the platform and push the envelope in our traffic acquisition plans. A good example is the integration of the CRM’s role in our prospects’ conversion journeys.
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