Keep your Marketing Strategies Compliant
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Wizaly offers a comprehensive solution, empowering you to keep your strategies on track, compliant with regulations, and consistently effective. With Wizaly’s suite of tools and expertise, you can confidently optimize your marketing efforts while staying aligned with industry standards and regulations.
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Keep Your Campaigns HIPAA Compliant

Wizaly offers a solution to the HIPAA compliance challenge faced by healthcare marketers using platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads.
  • By acting as an intermediary, Wizaly enables marketers to maintain compliance while utilizing these popular advertising channels.
  • With robust data encryption and protection measures, Wizaly ensures the security of protected health information (PHI) throughout the advertising process. Our expertise in HIPAA compliance guidelines provides guidance and support to marketers, while anonymization and aggregation of adta remove identifying patient information.

Make Your Ad Spend Efficient

In the healthcare sector, Wizaly facilitates the optimization of Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) through specialized tools and insights tailored to industry objectives. Utilizing Wizaly’s platform, healthcare professionals can set precise benchmarks and align campaigns with profitability objectives. With real-time data analysis integrated into the platform, advertisers can dynamically optimize ad campaigns, ensuring efficient allocation of resources for optimal impact.
Wizaly Copyright Healthcare Photo Make Your Ad Spend Efficient

Head of digital marketing & communication


Thanks to Wizaly, I underwent a complete revision of my budget allocation. The conversion results were significantly different from what we had observed on Google Analytics. Based on Wizaly’s analysis, we decided to increase the budget allocated to a specific social network. We also implemented a content strategy, a crucial lever that we had previously overlooked.
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