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In today’s dynamic digital landscape, we seek talented, energetic and adaptable team members who are ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with a rapidly expanding startup

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Disruptive technology

At Wizaly, we redefine attribution marketing through an unparalleled commitment to a 100% data-driven approach. Our visionary technical team thrives on overcoming unique and captivating challenges every day, ensuring we maintain our position at the forefront of technology and build an exceptional platform driven by artificial intelligence.

International growth

With the French market conquered, Wizaly is now leveraging its technology leadership to drive international expansion. Exciting new opportunities await for talented individuals to join our team and embrace our shared vision and values. Together, let’s shape the future of attribution marketing on a global scale.

The values we promote :

Ambition: Embrace the pursuit of greatness

Take calculated risks, fuel your determination, and prove that with relentless drive, there are no limits to what you can achieve. You can do it if you really want to.

TeamWork: Make that dream work

Each of us contributes our unique strengths to cultivate an environment where the team thrives, igniting a shared passion for achieving remarkable results together.

Enthusiasm: Let’s get excited about work!

Embrace the joy of each day. Embody the spirit of an entrepreneur, finding fulfillment and enjoyment in your work. Create memorable experiences as part of our vibrant team.

Originality: Get out of the proverbial box

Dare to challenge conventional thinking and break free from the norm. Embrace diverse perspectives and celebrate what sets us apart. Explore uncharted territories and make a lasting impact with your distinctiveness.

  Here’s what some team members say about working at Wizaly:


Meet Yulia

“At Wizaly, I enjoy the great diversity of data projects. The Wizaly client portfolio is composed of both large accounts and human-sized companies, which allows me to work on a wide variety of issues and missions in various industries. The behavioral data that we process for analysis reflect different purchasing paths, and it is a pleasure to deliver relevant recommendations, tailored to each customer issue.
Since I joined Wizaly, the platform has evolved a lot to become ever more convenient and user-friendly. Today, it allows to automate a large number of tasks in order to efficiently structure the data. On a daily basis, I appreciate the efficient communication between the data, product and development departments, which enables projects to move forward quickly, unlike what is often observed in large groups.
Wizaly gives you the opportunity to discover all the facets of the data analytics business.”

Yulia, Data Analyst

Meet Morgane

“Wizaly is a team that bonds around a vision everyone believes in : manage today’s marketing through numbers. And helping each other and being positive.
My role is two-fold : business development and customer satisfaction, and I like how those two roles fit together ! Those two roles reinforce each other and help me improve my knowledge of the market, my technology expertise and my customer skills through concrete business situations with my clients.”

Morgane, Business Developer Analytics & Client Success Manager

Morgane Business Developer Wizaly

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