Role – E-commerce Managers

Optimize Income with Wizaly, not Just Click Rates.

Transform your marketing strategy with Wizaly and elevate your income beyond mere click rates. Unlock the power of advanced attribution analytics to optimize every aspect of your campaigns, ensuring every dollar spent generates maximum returns.
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Master your eCommerce Strategy

As an ecommerce manager, Wizaly puts you in the driver’s seat of your marketing strategy. Gain the ability to efficiently manage and enhance your key performance indicators (KPIs), whether it’s tracking digital marketing initiatives or offline campaigns. Utilize our platform to tap into preconfigured, customized dashboards crafted to align with your unique requirements and goals.

Specialist Analysis
for eCommerce Managers

From recognizing the significance of a holistic perspective to harnessing analytics solutions and metrics such as NPS, the objective of any eCommerce manager is to minimize abandonment rates and enhance customer contentment.
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Head of digital marketing & Communication


Thanks to Wizaly, I underwent a complete revision of my budget allocation. The conversion results were significantly different from what we had observed on Google Analytics. Based on Wizaly’s analysis, we decided on to increase the budget allocated to a specific social network. We also implemented a content strategy, a crucial lever that we had previously overlooked.
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Getting Started


We dive deep to understand your unique business goals, challenges, and current data solutions.


Get an in-depth look at the Wizaly platform and see how it can transform your marketing analytics.


We collect essential details to tailor a proposal that outlines the specific solutions and value Wizaly delivers for your business.


Our team seamlessly guides you through implementation, setup, and training, ensuring you hit the ground running with Wizaly.