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Increase Bookings, Not Just Website Visits

Focusing your marketing efforts on proven channels and campaigns that consistently drive new bookings is essential for maximizing effectiveness. By identifying high-performing channels through torough data analysis, you can prioritize resource allocation and optimize your strategy for better results.
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Attribution in the Travel Industry

In the tourism sector, attribution is incredibly important. As travelers scour an average of 38 online platforms before finalizing their bookings, understanding their journey is essential. Attribution models are indispensable tools, providing invaluable insights into consumer behavior and decision-making processes.

Industry-Leading GDPR Compatability

Wizaly is committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security. We employ cutting-edge data anonymization techniques and Wizaly ensures the meticulous processing and storage of all user data.
Wizaly’s approach to data privacy includes state-of-the-art encryption, anonymization, and secure data handling practices, establishing it as a trusted ally for businesses.
Through vigilant monitoring and continual updates, Wizaly guarantees that its data protection measures remain at the forefront of technological progress and regulatory compliance.
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Optimize the Customer Journey

The travel industry face increasingly complex customer journeys, bogged down by economic inflation, soraing interest rates, and lingering pandemic effects. To navigate these challenges effectively, companies must adopt new approaches.
  • By tracking customer journeys, Wizaly allows you to offer incentives such as personalized deals, enhanced communication through digital platforms, and proactive engagement are pivotal in ensuring customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Establishing a measurement strategy with Wizaly is key for effectively adapting to evolving customer journey dynamics.

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We chose Wizaly’s attribution platform for its accuracy. It is the only platform that offers and algortihmic model that is 100% based on data as opposed to rules-based models based on predefined rules.
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