Marketing Innovation

According to Salesforce’s report [1] on the state of marketing in 2017, 60% of marketers today use artificial intelligence tools. In particular for product recommendations or to predict clients’ or prospects’ decisions.

Collectively, the tools that enable to anticipate customers’ behaviors on the basis of models that leverage data – also known as predictive marketing – are becoming key in the decision-making process of players in a variety of industries.

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Forecasting is key to reach your digital growth target. However, this exercise is difficult as you can't simply plan each channel in isolation of each other: an increase of 10% of SEM traffic for example is likely to have an impact of other channels through trickle-down effects that can be very complex to assess precisely. 

This is why we added a new turnkey feature in our new platform release: a new budget-planning tool based on machine-learning algorithms. 

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